Today is the Day I Get Fired

Today is the Day I Get Fired

I recite this line to myself starting every day.

My daybreak meditation on the negative began a year ago. Good morning. It’s going to be a great day. By the end of it you’ll probably be unemployed.

Push Aside Fear

Certainly you’re wondering why I choose to begin my day with a grim outlook. Surely getting fired is the worst possible thing that can happen to a person. Inviting it into life can’t be good. Right?

I’ll tell you that it’s a relief letting go of everything. My heart is no longer clenched over worrying. My mind is no long doubting if I’m loosing power and influence. Fear is no longer clouding my judgment.

I have nothing. I protect nothing. I am nothing.

Now that I’m empty I spend my days filling up. Learning from people and discovering new ideas. Achieving mastery over my craft, my tools, my self.

How May I Help You?

Thinking of myself less affords more time to share what I know. Helping my teammates continue working well. Rather than spending my hours building up my career I can help them build their own. Instead of holding on to my personal status and increasing my influence I can let loose and better serve those around me.

Getting Fired Isn’t the Goal

Believe me that I don’t want to get fired. Suddenly loosing my job would be a bummer. If my company does choose to walk me out the front door I’m prepared for it.

When I do get fired my request is that it had better be for some amazing reason. Like leaning into the status quo, or questioning the assumptions held by some top boss.

Most people consider getting fired their worst fear. Admittedly it’s been mine in the past. I accept that as my fate. I’ve embraced it, and defeated it.

Breakaway to Connect

Now that I possess nothing, I am nothing, I find all the space in the world to become everything I need to be.

This new belief opens my eyes to the possibility of life rather than dwelling in shadow of a tiny death. Learn, create, show. A virtuous cycle that I’m happily living.

My new practice allows me to:

  • Relax and take joy in working on challenging problems.
  • Cut through bias saying yes to novel ideas and new situations.
  • Open up and serve my team with a goal of building community.


Do I really want to get fired today? No, but I’ve internalized the reality of it. It doesn’t hold me tight in its grasp.

The positive impact of this meditative koan is fantastic. I fully intend to keep it as a daily reflection reminding me what’s important in life and at work.

Starting my mornings dreaming about what I can do is invigorating. Turning over in my head what I accomplished is rewarding. Seeking out how I can be a useful member of my community is inspiring.


If we should both get fired today let’s choose to do something awesome together!

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