Hi, I'm Ken Tabor.

I do lots of things, and one of my favorites is programming. Every day I want to learn something new, solve an interesting problem, or share what I've discovered.

This site is a way for me to share lessons-learned. You'll find blog articles covering deep dives into code and others are quick chats about ideas.

I speak at a couple of events every year. You'll see links to slides and talk videos wherever available.

Some of my favorite things

JavaScript, NodeJS, ReactJS, HTML, CSS, Tailwind, Sass, AWS [Route53, CloudFront, S3, Lambda, API Manager, DocumentDB, SageMaker], machine learning, Python, Pandas, TensorFlow, Jekyll, responsive web design, augmented reality, design thinking, UX design, product management, reading, public speaking, biking, video games, museums, chocolate, and coffee.

Open source tool logos

My aim is putting lots of useful stuff in here. I hope this helps you. Drop a message if you have an idea that I can write about.

Other works