Sit out in the Open

One of my top work advice tips for you is taking time to sit out in the open.

Create Lucky Collisions

I don't mean the silly open floor-plan that we're all stuck in. I mean the common spaces that people travel through in your work buildings like break rooms, lobbies, etc.

Why? It's an opportunity to create a chance encounter. Bump into respected colleagues, former teammates, casual acquaintances, and new folks ready to say hello.

Be Present

This is a terrific way to catch up. Listen and hear what's on their mind: new ideas, favorite books, challenges, things they wish would happen, ideas to improve shared projects, helpful follow-ups to your requests, and plain old smalltalk.

It's simple to do, lets you be useful, allows you to invite assistance, it's invigorating, and builds community!

Simply investing a little time turning a stranger into a casual acquaintance can set you up for success. Many times I've found myself on a new project with someone I'd previously chatted up in the hallways.

Friendly smiles and quick greetings make an outstanding foundation for teamwork.

Be Present

As a career computer programmer, and naturally slow to warm up to strangers, I never would have guessed that I'd be writing this advice. Trust me, this is worth trying!

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