Captain Marvel and Succession Management

I saw the Captain Marvel movie. It made me think of something - succession management.

You might be wondering, "How can the latest Disney superhero movie make me think about a corporate H/R strategy?" Well, I wondered why they introduced a new character.

  • Why introduce Captain Marvel when you already have Iron Man?
  • Why did they start Dr Strange when they had Thor?
  • Why add Black Panther when they already had Captain America?

Nothing Stays Forever

There's no doubt in anyone's mind that Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America are Earth's mightiest heroes. We all know they teamed up as The Avengers to fight off evil.

We gotta ask ourselves, what happens one day when they join another team? Or decide to stop fighting evil all together? Or simply can't continue?

When someone on your team leaves, who will succeed them?

Keep Looking Ahead

It seems to me that we must always be looking for the next teammate to help us maintain steady forward progress. Maybe we should be actively training someone today?

Captain Marvel was a fun movie to watch, but loosing a key teammate in real life isn't fun at all. Look around the room - give it a think - who are your top performers? What happens when they leave one day to join another team?

Do you know who you'll call into action when it happens?

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